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Health Assessment

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Having an understanding of your overall health picture is important for you and your Reflexology Therapist.
At the beginning of your initial session you will be asked to complete a health assessment. Knowing a detailed health history and current concerns, puts all the pieces of 'you' together like a puzzle.
Together we will create a treatment that works with your health challenges and goals to meet your individual needs.
An explanation of Reflexology Therapy and what to expect during the session will be provided during your consent for treatment.
Health teaching and referrals to other health care professionals can be made when required.

15 minutes prior to your
initial treatment

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Foot Reflexology

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During your foot reflexology session you will be lying on a massage table or in a zero gravity chair. Socks & shoes are removed and pants rolled up to the knees. You will be covered with a blanket, feet gently cleansed and wrapped in warm towels. Throughout your treatment, pressure will be applied to the reflexes in your feet to connect with all parts of your body, organs and systems.

Receiving this ancient Natural Therapy, can help support your body’s health & wellbeing. Great for anyone with chronic health conditions, stress, anxiety, pain issues, or just needing to support your own self-care. A foot reflexology treatment is your solution to improving your circulation, boosting your immune system, letting go of tension and supporting your body’s ability to repair itself.

$95.00 (includes GST)
60 minute treatment

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Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology, based on the theories of 'Dien Chan' uses a variety of tools to stimulate specific areas of the face. An individualized treatment plan based on your health assessment, puts the body's self-regulation processes to work. The proximity of the face to the brain is key to the effectiveness of this therapy. Activating facial reflex points helps connect to the body's neural pathways to help rebalance and revitalize your body & mind.

Treatment Options & Prices
Coming in January 2023!

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